Puppy Rescue

A puppy got itself in trouble and ended up stranded on a platform above in the air. The only way to get it out of there is by using a helicopter to pick it up and deliver it safely to the barn. That’s where you come in. In the online game Puppy Rescue, you are in control of the helicopter. There is only one major problem…

The pilot is none other than a dog, so its control is precarious. The key to move the helicopter is clicking or tapping the screen while slightly dragging it in one direction or another. It won’t be easy, but think of it as a challenge to your gaming skills. Besides, there is a puppy to be saved! That should be enough motivation.


Click or tap to make the helicopter go up in different directions.

Game developer:

Puppy Rescue was developed by MarketJS.

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Last updated: Jul 08, 2024

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