Oil Tanker Truck Drive 3D

Hit the road in Oil Tanker Truck Drive 3D!

The oil refill operation is your task. Drive your truck, filled with oil, and take it to the oil tanker. Sounds easy but remember that driving a truck filled with oil can lead to an explosion, so be careful! Falling rocks and passing vehicles might make your journey even more challenging. Collect money for every successful delivery. Use that cash to expand your garage!

Start now and drive to the oil tanker within time!


WASD or direction keys: movement
Spacebar: handbrake
Q key: left turn blinker
E key: right turn blinker
C key: switch camera
L key: lights
I key:  start/stop ignition

Game developer:

Oil Tanker Truck Drive 3D was developed by igroutka.ru.

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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