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They are cute, friendly, and a man's best friend for a reason! Join amazing adventures and unleash all the fun with these online dog games!

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Are you looking to meet a group of adorable furry friends and have some fun? These online dog games are just what you need!

It doesn’t matter if you are not allowed to or cannot have a pet for some reason. In the virtual world, everything is possible and you can play with as many puppies as you want! For example, in Protect My Dog 3 you get to learn how mischievous puppies are always getting themselves into trouble and can seriously hurt themselves unless you solve the drawing puzzles and come to their rescue. The same is true for various caring games like Pet Salon 2! In these, you will have to deal with several puppies who got themselves all dirty and even hurt sometimes from playing so much, but it is always a pleasure to see them well and happy in the end.

These four-legged friends are also the main characters of many puzzle games to give brain teasers soft and adorable settings to motivate you. These include cute jigsaw puzzles like the ones in Cute Puppies Puzzle, match-3 puzzles, music challenges, and even adventurous games like Super Long Nose Dog in which you must guide the dog’s muzzle through the map and hit monsters with it!

But rather than talking about man’s best friend and how cute they are, just get to play right away! We’re sure you will find plenty of challenges to keep you entertained and feeling good for hours in this collection of dog games. And if you want to love animals in general and not only puppies, then make sure to check out our collection of animal games and cat games too.


What are the best dog games on Reludi?

  1. Protect My Dog 3
  2. Dogs Spot The Differences
  3. Run Dude!
  4. Super Long Nose Dog
  5. Pet Salon 2
  6. Cute Puppies Puzzle

Which are the most recent dog games on Reludi?

  1. Puppy Rescue
  2. Run Dude!
  3. Dogs Spot The Differences

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