Words of Wonders

Fans of word games, rejoice because you can now play Words of Wonders online, for free!

Fugo Games, the game developer, has launched an official online version of their hit game as of 2023. It comes with all the features that fans of the game would come to expect: thousands of levels, challenging word puzzles, and beautiful sceneries and world marvels as a background.

Words of Wonders online focuses on the main feature that made it successful in the first place: word puzzles. Unlike the app version, there are no daily challenges or special events. The puzzles are also the same as in the app version and follow the same numbering order, even if WoW online doesn’t carry the same structure of having the levels sorted by country and wonder. 

As with the app version, the game is available in 36 different languages.

How to play WoW online

In Words of Wonders online, your goal is to complete a crossword puzzle with words created using the letters on the wheel next to the grid. 

Touch or click and drag to connect the letters. You must spell the words correctly, otherwise, the game will not recognize and accept them. Words that are valid but are not part of the puzzle’s answer are saved as bonus words. Try to find as many as you can to fill the bonus words meter and receive gems as a reward.

Keep solving the word puzzles to complete the levels and travel the world through the amazing backgrounds the game has to offer. And if you find yourself stuck and unable to continue your journey, fret not. You can give your performance a boost with this tool to find all Words of Wonders answers.


Click/tap and drag to connect the letters. 

Game developer:

Words of Wonders was developed by Famobi.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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