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Which one will win in a game of reflexes and perception? Your clever brain or your quick fingers? These skill games will give you the answer.

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Which one is quicker, your fingers, your eyes, or your brain? If you do not know the answer, these online skill games are about to help you find out!

Explore our selection of skill games with different gameplays and goals to find the one (or ones) that you enjoy the most. Then just relax and have fun testing and training your skills.

To challenge your dexterity and reaction time, try a clicker game in which you must click or tap the screen at the right time if you want to win. If you enjoy stacking games you can give it a go at Tower Building or Tower Stack.

Stick Hero is also a fun clicker game with a different twist: it is not about the moment you click, but the moment you let go of it! On top of your finger speed, you will also be putting your perception skills to the test with it.

Not much of a clicker? Do not worry. You can also test your reaction skills (and your visual skills in the process) in a game of Katana Fruits, slicing fruits without hitting the bombs, or in a game of Ringaroo, by rotating a ring fast enough so the trapped ball always jumps on the right color. And since we are talking about keyboard speed, why not play the classic online Snake game and try to make it as long as possible without hitting its own body?

If you would like to exercise your brain skills and challenge your ability to reason, strategize and analyze the information in front of you, then we recommend you a good chess match with Master Chess. You can either challenge a friend to a nice and fun competition or test yourself against an AI opponent.


What are the best skill games on Reludi?

  1. Subway Surfers World Tour: Iceland
  2. Moto X3M Bike Race Game
  3. Piano Tiles 3
  4. Geometry Dash (Scratch)
  5. Among Us Online Edition
  6. Sonic Motorcycle Adventure

Which are the most recent skill games on Reludi?

  1. Puppy Rescue
  2. Music Rush
  3. Cartoon Moto Stunt

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