Rescue Rift

A terrorist group took over St. Valentine’s Hospital and is holding staff, doctors, and patients hostage. The priority is to save the civilians and the safest way to do it is by sending you in alone in the online game Rescue Rift.

Explore the hospital to find all the hostages and free them. Beware of the terrorists guarding them or patrolling the hospital. They might catch you unaware and shoot you down before you can save everyone.

Once you rescue all the hostages, change into attack mode and hunt down all the terrorists to bring them down!


WASD or arrow keys: move
Left mouse button: shoot
Right mouse button: aim
E key: rescue hostages
R key: reload
1 - 4 keys: change weapon
L key: enable/disable mouse cursor

Game developer:

Rescue Rift was developed by Instant Games Studio.

Also from Instant Games Studio: Pinnacle MotoX, Moto Madness, Highway Bus Rush

Last updated: May 16, 2024

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