Cut The Rope

The monster with a sweet tooth needs your help in the online game Cut the Rope!

In this fun and simple game, you must help the little green monster named Om Nom - a suitable name for such a glutton - get all the candy. The problem is that the sweets are hanging from ropes stuck to the walls and the ceiling. Your goal is to simply cut the ropes to make them swing and reach Om Nom’s mouth. 

But be careful! This game is not as simple as it looks. Cut the wrong ropes and the candy may fall or swing in the opposite direction of the one you want. While choosing which rope to cut, consider also which ones could help you reach the bonus stars floating on the game screen, to get the perfect score.

Will you be able to get all the candy into Om Nom’s mouth?



Click and swipe to cut the ropes.

Game developer:

Cut The Rope was developed by ZeptoLab.

Also from ZeptoLab: Cut The Rope 2

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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