Cut The Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 is a fun and challenging puzzle game that will keep players entertained for hours. 

The goal of the game is to help the cute little monster, Om Nom, to collect all the candies by cutting the ropes that hold them. Players need to strategize and think critically to determine the right sequence and timing of rope cuts to ensure that the candies drop into Om Nom's mouth. If in the process they can also get all the stars, perfect!

The more stars you get, the more coins you receive at the end of a level. You can then use this money to customize the game - from giving Om Nom cute hats to changing the candy - or by hints and power-ups. 

Keep feeding the little monster to help him get enough energy to continue his adventure. And do not forget that this is not Om Nom's first journey into the outside world. If you want to discover how his first time went, check out the game Cut the Rope.


Click or tap and swipe to cut the ropes.

Game developer:

Cut The Rope 2 was developed by ZeptoLab.

Also from ZeptoLab: Cut The Rope

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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