Draw and Save The Car

It is time to put your little grey cells to work in a funny and unique way with the online game Draw and Save the Car!

Our adventurous driver has got more than he bargained for and has gotten himself into some pretty deadly situations. It is up to you to save him with your brilliant thinking and drawing skills. 

You can draw only one line to serve as a safety bridge for the driver. In some cases, the shape of the bridge will be obvious, in others… not so much. Think carefully before you start drawing because once you start dragging the cursor you have to commit to it. There is no turning back and you will lose if your design fails to get the car to the finish line.

How confident are you that you can have a 100% success rate?


Click or tap and hold to drag and draw.

Game developer:

Draw and Save The Car was developed by TrendyGames.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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