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About 3D Games

Virtual reality is no longer something out of science fiction. Take your gaming skills to the next level with these online 3D games. 

Three-dimensional games offer a more realistic experience that makes gaming much more enjoyable albeit more challenging too. In these games, your spatial-visual reasoning skills must be sharp. Some games even aim at providing an experience that better mimics a real-life challenge. The Cube, for example, is inspired by the famous Rubik’s Cube. You also have Parkour Block 3D that will have you gauging the distance between platforms from a first-person perspective.

Switch between cameras to watch your game field from different perspectives and get a good sense of your surroundings. 

3D Shooting games

Knowing what is happening around you is essential in any game, but when it comes to 3D shooting games, it becomes imperative. 

In most of these, players are sent to a battlefield in which killing or being killed is the rule. It is as important to find and take down your enemies quickly as it is to hide and protect your own back to avoid having your enemies sneaking behind you and taking you off the game.

This is especially true for multiplayer games, such as Venge.io, Vortex 9, or ArmedForces.io, in which real players compete against each other. Unlike other games like Time Shooter 2 or Biozombie Outbreak in which after a while players can start to understand the patterns of the AI-controlled players, real players tend to be sneaky and unpredictable.

We have a separate category of 3D Shooting Games to make it easier for you to explore more games of this genre.

3D Car games

3D Car games is another genre in which having a good sense of your surroundings can be very important. The interesting part is that the reason to keep tabs on what is around you can vary significantly depending on the game.

In simulators such as Real Cargo Truck Simulator or Offroad Masters Challenge, looking around is important to find the best road or path to proceed and avoid the obstacles. In other simulators like Traffic Jam 3D or Intercity Bus Driver, the 3D feature offers a much more realistic experience of driving in a city or highway, which in turn means that you need to pay attention to your surroundings to avoid crashing into other cars when changing direction or lanes.

In the case of racing car games such as Grand Extreme Racing or Night City Racing, the 3D graphics make it harder for you to control your opponents. One single distraction and they will be ready to sneak in and overtake you.

Check our category of online 3D Car Games to quickly find more games of this genre.

3D Bike games

2D Bike games may be fun in their simplicity, but the 3D ones offer a realistic experience hard to match. 

Give it a try at games such as Police Chase Motorbike Driver or Drive Bike Stunt Simulator 3D, for example, and you will quickly understand why the realistic feature of 3D games is so impressive.

Even in regular racing games like Sports Bike Racing or Speed Moto Racing, the three-dimensional graphics offer a greater experience that makes you feel as if you were truly the one riding the bike.

If you want to check it for yourself, visit our catalog of 3D Bike Games.

What are 3D games?

3D stands for three-dimensional, therefore, 3D games refer to games that use 3-dimensional graphics. In essence, they use three-dimensional geometry to design settings and characters that look and move in a more realistic way. 

The 3D geometry is often also accompanied by textures and materials whose shading and design add to the sense of realism of the game, including making objects and other elements look solid in the eyes of the players.

Another feature of 3D games is that they aim at creating immersive experiences. For example, it is common that the players can not only change the game’s perspective but also “look around” themselves and check their surroundings. 

This is a defining characteristic of 3D games as there are also 2D games that use three-dimensional geometry and even allow switch cameras to check different perspectives. However, these do not allow for the players to look around themselves.


What are the best 3d games on Reludi?

  1. Traffic Jam 3D
  2. Traffic Tour
  3. Moto Road Rash 3D
  4. ArmedForces.io
  5. Football 3D
  6. Highway Racer 3D

Which are the most recent 3d games on Reludi?

  1. Excavator Simulator 3D
  2. Offroad Muddy Trucks
  3. FNF Music Battle 3D

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