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Ride on rainbows, befriend sparkly mythical creatures, and have fun exploring the exciting world of online unicorn games! Let the magic take you in.

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Gallop through magical lands meeting the most fantastical creatures of any imaginary realm in this collection of online unicorn games.

Rainbows, sparkles, magic, and loads of pink are waiting for you in this subgenre of games for kids. The fantastical equine is the star of all these games, but your role in them can be vastly different depending on the game itself and the goal you must achieve.

Let your creativity flow

Create your own unique unicorn avatar, choose its coat color, mane style, and magical powers. Let your creativity take the reins and enjoy bringing these fantastical beings to life in dress-up games like Unicorn Dress Up Game. You set the rules! Dress up your unicorn in dazzling outfits, accessorize with colorful wings and horns, and create a truly unique look.

Enjoy puzzle-like challenges

Unicorns can also be the protagonists of puzzling challenges, like jigsaw puzzles, for example. They are cute, they are fun and they are perfect as the center figure on any picture to be assembled. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, try Cute Rainbow Unicorn Puzzles.

Beauty and magic go hand in hand

Unicorns are a girl’s favorite. Not only are they beautiful animals, but their magical aura, their soft and glowing mane, and their colorful coat make them simply dream-like. That might explain why these magical horses are regulars in many games for girls under the beauty theme.

In games like Miss Charming Unicorn Hairstyle, for example, you get to experiment with different hairstyles inspired by unicorns’ mane and colors. But you can also help a unicorn maintain its beauty by giving it the full spa treatment in games like Unicorn Beauty Salon.

There are many unexpected twists and challenges, so give them a try! Have fun exploring this collection of unicorn games.


What are the best unicorn games on Reludi?

  1. Miss Charming Unicorn Hairstyle
  2. Unicorn Dress Up Coloring Book
  3. Chibi Unicorn
  4. Dreamlike Room
  5. Cute Rainbow Unicorn Puzzles
  6. My Cute Unicorn Fashion Dress Up

Which are the most recent unicorn games on Reludi?

  1. Super Pony World
  2. My Cute Unicorn Fashion Dress Up
  3. Cute Rainbow Unicorn Puzzles

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