Crazy Shooters 2

Crazy Shooters 2 is a first-person shooting game that you can enjoy online with your friends and other players worldwide.

You can join an existing match or create one yourself. Choose from 11 different maps and 3 game modes. Lead your team to victory by eliminating as many enemies as possible. There is a wide range of weapons at your disposal so use the one that best fits your strategy. A match can have up to 16 participants so expect lots of action!

Start now and have fun! 


WASD keys: movement

Left mouse button: shoot

Right mouse button: aim

R key: reload

Spacebar: jump

hold shift: run

1-9 keys: change weapon

T key: chat

Tab key: menu

Game developer:

Crazy Shooters 2 was developed by GamesToPlay.

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Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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