Building a village sounds like a peaceful quest in theory… but the online game Sploop.io will prove this wrong in no time.

In this multiplayer game, you first must compete with players from all over the world for a piece of land. Then not only do you have to start slowly building your own village, but also simultaneously defending it from foreign attacks of players trying to steal what is yours!

Do not feel bad about stealing from others either. Kill them if necessary to try to build the safest and most prosperous town in this worldwide arena.

Collect resources, get powerful weapons, and build the most stoic and impenetrable defenses to protect what is yours by right!


WASD / ZQSD / arrow keys: move
Left mouse button: hit
E key: auto-attack
Q key: food (heal)
R key: spikes
Enter key: chat

Game developer:

Sploop.io was developed by LapaMauve.

Also from LapaMauve: Shootup.io, Koxo.io

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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