is an online game that takes the peaceful building world of games like Minecraft and turns it into a set of parallel universes for you to explore.

The gameplay and the 3D graphics are very similar to those of Minecraft, but you have 10 game modes to choose from:

  • Survival: kill your opponents to win
  • Peaceful: mine, explore and build in a peaceful world
  • Creative: build as much as you want with infinite blocks
  • Bed Wars: destroy your opponents’ beds to win
  • Greenville: develop your farm, take care of it and work to live
  • EvilTower: climb your way out as quickly as possible
  • BloxdHop: Parkour through different worlds!
  • DoodleCube: create a world according to a given theme
  • CubeWarfare: join the war and shoot your enemies
  • Worlds: create or explore worlds is a multiplayer game, which means that you will find real players from around the world regardless of the game mode you choose. That also makes the game mode Worlds more interesting, as you can explore the creations by real people and not standard game arenas.

Which game mode will you choose?


WASD: move
Shift: run
Spacebar: jump
Left mouse button: break block
Right mouse button or E key: place block
Q key: drop block
Ctrl or C key: crouch
B key: inventory
N key: change avatar

Game developer: was developed by Arthur Baker.

Last updated: Oct 11, 2023

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