Goldie Ruined Wedding

Oh no! In the online game Goldie Ruined Wedding, Goldie’s evil stepmother used dark magic to destroy Goldie’s wedding venue and make her feel miserable. You cannot let it slide! It’s time to rescue this wedding and turn this disaster into the perfect celebration for Goldie and her soon-to-be husband! 

Start by cleaning up and fixing anything that was broken by evil spells. Once the overall setting is fixed, it’s time to start creating the perfect wedding venue. Put up new decorations and restore the wedding cake to its former glory.

Then it’s time to help Goldie feel and look amazing! Help her pick a dress, try out different hairstyles and accessories and make sure she looks absolutely stunning for her big day! Don’t let her stepmother win!


Tap or click to select and play.

Game developer:

Goldie Ruined Wedding was developed by SisiGames.

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Last updated: Jun 04, 2024

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