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Let your heart beat faster with these online love games. Help couples get together, create your own love story and have fun playing as a cupid!

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Feel your heart beat faster and become a sweet Cupid to help spread love everywhere with these online love games. 

In these light-hearted challenges, you get to help multiple couples live and enjoy their love in many different ways because no game is alike. For example, in the dress-up games, you will need to help hopeless couples who want to make a good impression on their first date, but the butterflies in their stomachs make them too nervous to think straight. That’s the case of Princess Valentines Crush, for example, in which you must help Princess Elsa and Jack Frost choose amazing outfits to dazzle one another.

Kiss games are also a popular subgenre within the love games. Even within these, there are a few subtypes. For example, in games like Hospital Kissing, you must make a couple kiss for as long as they can without being caught. However, other games like Kiss Me or 11 Kisses, turn this task into a puzzle challenge. In these, players must solve certain puzzles to overcome obstacles or open a path for the two lovebirds to meet.

Speaking of meeting, story games like Wild Love are also great to let your dreamy side come true. In these types of games, you get to create your own love story by controlling the narrative and picking who you want your characters to end up with. To make it extra fun, you can even check how strong your love is based on your names in Test Your Love!

What are you waiting for? Love is in the air and waiting for you to make the first step! Explore this collection of online love games and enjoy the passion and the fun!


What are the best love games on Reludi?

  1. Hospital Kissing
  2. Valentine Day Couples Goal
  3. Wild Love
  4. Swimming Pool Romance
  5. Married to a Prince
  6. 11 Kisses

Which are the most recent love games on Reludi?

  1. Swimming Pool Romance
  2. Valentine Day Couples Goal
  3. Princess Valentines Crush

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