Bus Track Masters

Welcome to the race tracks where the fastest races take place and prepare for a different kind of racing challenge. Forget about sport, fancy cars that fly over the asphalt to reach unimaginable speeds because, in the online game Bus Track Masters, you will be driving a bus!

Don’t think it will be easier. Buses may go slower than racing cars, but they take up more space on the track and are hard to swerve and maneuver. Are you excited to enter this competition? How many tracks can you conquer with your driving skills?


Arrow keys: move
Spacebar: brake
Shift key: nitro
C key: change camera
Esc button: pause

Game developer:

Bus Track Masters was developed by Instant Games Studio.

Also from Instant Games Studio: Heist Defender, Moto Madness, Highway Bus Rush

Last updated: Jul 05, 2024

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