Vega Mix: Fairy Town

Vega Mix: Fairy Town is an endearing matching game that will challenge your puzzle-solving skills while transporting you to a world of magic and fun.

This time, Vika is called to Fairy Town to help the mayor solve a major problem: Christmas is in danger! The land is covered in snow and Santa and his elfs can’t reach the workshop to prepare the toys for the little children. Vika knows the magic lizards can fix this issue, but they need an incentive to abandon the puzzle boards and help.

Check how many combinations each lizard requires to leave the board and start matching. Swipe the pieces to match 3 or more similar shapes next to a lizard. Keep matching to collect all the magical creatures, complete the levels, and save the town!


Swipe to swap the objects on the board and match 3 or more.

Game developer:

Vega Mix: Fairy Town was developed by Broccoli Games.

Last updated: May 13, 2024

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