Skibidi Survivor Rush

Endless waves of Skibidi toilets are coming for you. How long will you survive before perishing under the weight of these strange monsters?

Skibidi Survivor Rush is an exciting online game that will make you fight tooth and nail for your life. Move your character around to avoid finding yourself trapped by the toilets chasing you. This is an automatic shooting game, which means that your character will automatically shoot at the toilets when they are in range. However, you need to be facing them. You cannot shoot them behind your back. 

As you move around you will find other shooters standing by. Pass through them to merge with their body to improve your stats, and unlock powerful weapons. 

Are you ready?


Drag to move.

Game developer:

Skibidi Survivor Rush was developed by

Also from Modern Air Warplane WW2, Barbie Fashion Hair Saloon, Sonic Superstars

Last updated: Jun 06, 2024

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