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Hold the bow, pull, aim, and release a rain of arrows over the targets! Put your archery skills to the test with these online archery games.

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Hold on to one of the oldest weapons in the world and show off your superb shooting skills with this collection of online archery games!

The bow and arrow is a classic ranged weapon that featured prominently in many real and fictional battles. Even after the invention of guns, it still remains a powerful killing tool, albeit now its use is often reserved for sporting competitions. 

Sports games

Archery is one of the oldest Olympic sports, so it’s only natural for it to be the main focus of many sports games. In these games, the competitions often take place outdoors to include external factors such as the wind to make hitting the target an even harder challenge. The ultimate goal will depend on the game, however. 

For example, in the game Archery Master, the players have a restricted amount of arrows and time to reach the minimum score to move to the next round. In Archery King, however, failing to hit the bullseye will end the game right away.

Action games

Since it’s primarily a weapon, the bow and arrow is also popular within action games, particularly those set in a Medieval-inspired world. However, a lot of different games can fall under this category.

For example, Merge Archer Defense is a merging game in which the players must take over the enemy’s tower by shooting arrows at its defenders. In Archer Defense, however, the players must defend a medieval settlement from a zombie invasion, by shooting arrows at the walking dead.

Then there are also games like Stickman Archer Warrior, an action game unrelated to Medieval times, but with an exciting crossover with the popular Dragon Ball anime. Give it a go and see if you can recognize all the characters.

Whatever your gaming preferences may be, using a bow and arrow to take down enemies or targets makes everything more interesting. From the sensitivity to the wind to the time it takes to reload, pull, aim, and release an arrow, it’s a challenging weapon that only the best can master. Try your best to be one of the few who can do it and enjoy this collection of online archery games.


What are the best archery games on Reludi?

  1. Archery
  2. Archery Master
  3. Archery With Buddies
  4. Stickman Archer Warrior
  5. Archer Defense
  6. Archery King

Which are the most recent archery games on Reludi?

  1. Impostor Zombies
  2. Arrow Hit
  3. Cool Archer

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