Barbie Shopping Day

Barbie likes to be on top of the latest fashion trends and today she is taking you out on a shopping adventure to freshen up her wardrobe. In the online game Barbie Shopping Day, you will get to be with Barbie while she shows you how she manages to always keep her perfect style.

Take a walk down the road and check all the things you can do. Head to the hairdresser and buy Barbie an amazing new hairstyle. Next to it, there is a makeup parlor where you can complement her beauty. There is also a jewelry store, a store that only sells gorgeous dresses, another for casual outfits, and a shoe store.

Once you have purchased everything you liked, head back home and play dress up with Barbie! Have fun trying out all the new things you bought on your shopping trip!


Click or tap to select and play.

Last updated: Dec 19, 2023

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